Thank you for your continued support in 2009

ladies and gentlemen! !

We look forward to welcoming you back to Shunpo Tea Garden in 2009! !

From today, the store and HP store will be open as usual.

The theme of this year's Shunpo tea garden is

It is "to be grateful for the mutual support of people, and to think and act simply to make people happy."

We want to please not only our customers, but also those who are related to Shunho Tea Garden.

Think and act in ways that will please your family, relatives and friends.

It's really simple, but I feel that there are many times when I think about things on my own terms.

First of all, we are grateful to the people around us, thinking that we are “kept alive” (recognised).

I will do my best so that many people can feel the joy!

I will cherish every day this year as well, valuing "smiles", "greetings" and "hospitality".

Thank you for your continued support this year.

Takanori Goto