Shunho tea garden HP store renewal open! !

Ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much for always using the shunho tea garden!

This time, the Shunho tea garden HP store has been renewed! !

The basic content hasn't changed much, but it's easier to see, easier to order, and easier to update.

Seasonal products and limited products are summarized in this month's stamp,

Standard products are organized as a banner on the left side of the HP.

Also, new information can be updated on this blog.

We will continue to steadily think about what only Japanese tea specialty stores in consumption areas can do,

We will create products and stores from the customer's point of view.

There are opinions that it's not funny because it's always hard comments

I will make it a HP that you will want to see again happily! !

Thank you very much! !

PS: 2008 year-end gifts and New Year's greetings products are now on sale!

We are looking forward to your orders! !

Shunpoen Takanori Goto