``Shunpo Cafe'' is a Japanese tea cafe that specializes in Japanese tea and was created with the idea that you can easily enjoy authentic Japanese tea.

Cafe menu orders are accepted until 7:00pm.
Thank you for your understanding.
*Rich matcha soft serve may be sold out before 7pm if the ingredients are sold out.

The “rich matcha soft serve” is especially popular!
Using "milk from local Ono Farm 'Yokohama Ice Studio' in Totsuka" ,
Authentic rich matcha soft serve made with plenty of tea ceremony matcha (2 cups of light tea!!)! !

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We also have the most popular ``Rich Matcha Soft Drinks'' that comes with Totsuka Brand Certified Chacha Cookies, and the most popular drink, ``Gyokuro-zukuri'' made from Saemidori from Kagoshima.We also have a tea set with your choice of rich matcha anmitsu parfait, and a set of thin tea and sweets. Masu!
All of our products are available as iced or hot, so they are popular with customers who want to casually drink tea or who want to try the taste before purchasing! !

Located on the 1st floor of Sakuras Totsuka, right next to Totsuka Station.
We look forward to your visit!


Shunpo Cafe 4253-1 Totsuka-cho, Totsuka-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture Sakuras Totsuka 1F







business hours

10:00-21:00 <Open all year round: Closed only on New Year's Day>