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The history of Haruyoshi Tea Garden will come from Shizuoka.

The history of Haruyoshi tea garden is
I will go back about 100 years ago.

There was a farmer called "Yoshitaro Goto" in Kakegawa Mori, Shizuoka Prefecture.

His son, Spring, studied deep -flavored deep steamed tea, traveled to Hokkaido, and wanted to have a delicious and delicious tea like his father (Yoshitaro).

Shunichi is blessed with eight child treasures, and all four boys have inherited their father's will and establish a teahouse.

The youngest child, Takeshi Goto, has built a Japanese tea specialty store called Haruyoshi Tea Garden in Totsuka Yokohama.

"Haruyoshi tea garden" in Yokohama Totsuka received the first generation Yoshitaro's "Yoshi" and the second generation of spring "Spring".

Our gardenThe significance and purpose of the business is "creating Japanese tea lovers in the world".

Before entrepreneurship, while working on Japanese tea to supermarkets and specialty stores, it is to deliver really fresh and delicious tea to customers.

"I told the producers the quality, deliciousness, and value that the customer really wanted, and there was no choice but to purchase tea leaves that were really happy and deliver them directly to customers!"

Tea is a crop, so the quality changes greatly depending on the weather and soil every year.
If you make a tea making that can be bought anywhere, like a supermarket, you can buy it anywhere,

You can't "create deliciousness".

◎ Be prepared for frustration.

however,Our gardenAt the beginning of 1979 when startedOur gardenThere were few shops selling deep steamed tea, which is directly sold in the production area.

<< The photo below is in the beginning of 1979Our gardenPhoto of the main store. Founding at the time of its founding. The red wild -point umbrella was noticeable as a landmark. It looks like a wholesaler! 》

Some of the customers who came to the store for the first time were rumored to be "new teahouses, they sell powdered tea and have a teahouse!"
Still, I started a business with a passion, so even customers can hit the passion.

Then more and more
"That teahouse was noisy (I had a speech on tea with a microphone at the beginning! (Laughs)".

As expected, my father was worried that this was really good, and I sold a beautiful tea leaves only once ...

Next timeOur gardenFrom a customer who was happy to buy tea, he said, "The taste of tea has changed! It's not delicious!" I received your opinion more strongly. My father,

"What are you doing ..." I reflected deeply.

And I noticed. In fact, customers who were looking for really delicious tea were transmitted to their father's passion.

And then, I decided.

"Tea is everywhere,Our gardenWhat to do
"Creating deliciousness, not a shape!" ]

"Let's work hard to create a thorough tea that will be impressed with" Customers are delicious! " ! ]

"What you can do elsewhere that please.Our gardenLet's do what we can't do without it. "

《The photo below is the fifth year since its founding in 1984. Large renovated. We prepared chairs so that we can always use chairs so that we can always treat tea. 》

《The photo below is the old head office that has been open for 34 years until March 31, 2013. Now it is a place where the "flower shop in the city" is open. I joined the company in 2003, but before this, I renewed it twice and created a customer -oriented store. 》

◎ "Create deliciousness instead of making deep steamed tea"

After I joined the company"Create deliciousness, not to form a shape."I ended up with that.

This is very important, but now, unlike the past, "deep steamed tea" is now sold everywhere, and it has become deep steamed tea everywhere, so it is a deep steamed tea, so it is delicious. Not.

This is because unless the producer of the producer of the thick leaves of the leaves cannot be steamed firmly at the farm stage, it will not become a real deep steamed tea.

If you steam the thin tea leaves of the leaf meat, the appearance is deep steamed, the green is dark, and the extraction looks good, but it becomes a tea leaves that does not taste the tea. Also, even if you make a deep steamed figure later, even if the tea leaves are finely made, the umami will not be thicker.

Such tea leaves"Make sure"If you can't, you can't make our "deep steamed tea" with a strong umami, less bitter taste.

No, the term "deep steamed tea" does not fit!Our gardenThe appearance of the tea leaves is

"As a result of effort to create deliciousness,It's just the current tea leaves.

So ...
In order to "create deliciousness," we repeat tea leaves at least 300 times over and tasted at least 300 times.

◎ "Hot feelings x effort x good relationship = creation of deliciousness"

And every year, I went to meet production areas and producers that I had never purchased before.Our gardenI conveyed my thoughts and thoughts.

This is because deep relationships with producers are indispensable to create deliciousness.

Nowadays, we have a good relationship with the central producers of Shizuoka, Kagoshima, Kyoto, Aichi, and Fukuoka, and are being able to make tea.

What you can do alone is limited. We have been challenged by many producers to create deliciousness.

◎ "Creating customers' joy and creating a next -generation Japanese tea specialty store!"

In addition, as the role of a specialty store in consumer land, listening to the voice of the customer, delivering it to the production area, and delivering real tea culture.tea ceremonyWe continue to learn about tea culture such as Japanese tea instructors.

And so that customers who are interested in tea make it easier to come to the store, we have started selling original sweets, manufacturing soft serve cream, and even "Shunpo Cafe".

As a Japanese tea specialty store where you can sell the tasting of tea leaves, manufacture and sell, sweets that make use of the strength of tea, and experience -based products for consuming tea ceremony culture and teapot culture.

"By creating everything and creating, we will deliver a rich proposal that Japanese tea will be close to your daily life."

While polishing with the significance of the founding, we are growing with the spirit of warm new new.

In the future, our role is to create a wonderful scene with tea.

The tea, which has been 1300 years ago, is still supporting our lives while changing shapes.

We will continue to propose the highest quality tea leaves that have been polished in various ways to our customers.
We continue to contribute to the production area, customers and society.

◎ Promise with the customers of Haruyoshi Tea Garden
  • PURE: Pure "Only pure and fresh, freshly steamed tea leaves carefully selected from tea production areas nationwide are produced and delivered.
  • "Progress: Progress" We work on improving quality with the producers every year to enjoy delicious tea every day. And it contributes to the progress of the Japanese tea culture that the world wants.
  • "PEACE: Reliable" The most important thing is to drink delicious tea with specialty store quality every day at home.

    Takahiro Goto, Representative Director of Haruyoshi Tea Garden Co., Ltd. 

 Haruyoshi tea garden beliefs

◎ Management philosophy
Haruyo Tea Garden will pursue the happiness of a friend who can believe together with the philosophy, and will continue to create experts and specialties that create Japanese tea lovers from Totsuka to the world through the creation of customer satisfaction.
◎ Action policy
Respect the world and society and love people. Make the right actions as a person, keep your heart polished without being humble.

1. I will tell you the splendor of Japanese tea.
We value fresh taste, health and security, and convey Japanese tea that can only be tasted at Haruyoshi tea garden to many people in even children. And you can seriously propose a rich lifestyle through Japanese tea and a Japanese culture with a caring heart.
2. Hospitality
We value "smiles", "greetings", and "hospitality (cleaning)" anytime, anywhere, and strive to communicate "smiles, greetings and hospitality (cleaning)" not only to myself but also to people around me. increase.
3. Couple ingenuity
At Haruyoshi Tea Garden, I seriously think about how to convey Japanese tea as a gem that can convey my precious heart as well as the idea of ​​selling Japanese tea, please make people happy and impress.




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