Ladies and gentlemen, do you know a variety of Japanese tea called "Benifuuki"?

"Benifuuki" was originally produced as a black tea variety in Japan, but by making it as an unfermented green tea, it became famous as a variety containing a large amount of "methylated catechins".

NARO has detailed information on "Benifuuki"

From late February to early April, the owner, Goto, changes the green tea he normally drinks to "Benifuuki" and drinks it.

We recommend the powder type in our garden!

Our Benifuuki is made from the first bancha to the autumn and winter bancha together, so it has a sweet taste and is really delicious! ! By thoroughly extracting it with hot water, you can fully enjoy the methylated catechins.

And we are manufacturing it with plenty of 1g in the individually wrapped type one by one!

Our Benifuuki is 100% Benifuuki powder and no other additives are added.

Powdered tea has the advantage that you can enjoy the whole tea ingredients and that there is no used tea leaves. Our powdered tea is powdered from purely carefully selected tea leaves, so you can enjoy a rich flavor. However, over time, dietary fiber will precipitate. However, this is pure tea leaves, so we recommend drinking it as soon as possible!