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Delicious tea for everyone

Every year, we travel to tea-producing regions throughout Japan to produce our original tea leaves.

Every year, Shunpo Tea Garden visits tea-producing areas all over Japan to deliver richly flavored deep-steamed green tea from Kakegawa and Kikugawa in Shizuoka, Kagoshima Kabuse Sencha from Chiran and Daikon Sencha with high-quality kabuse manufacturing method, and Yame Kabuse Sencha that uses carefully selected fragrant tea leaves from Yame, Fukuoka.

Over 300 tastings each year.

Shunpo Tea Garden's tasting is thoroughly conducted for each production area and farmer, and from the quality of the year, carefully selected tea leaves with a strong umami characteristic of our garden are used as our tea leaves, and each product is taste checked.
We also have a selection of teapots, pots, and sweets that will make this carefully selected tea even more delicious.

Original blend, original package.

At Shunho Tea Garden, we create original blends so that you can enjoy the most delicious tea.In addition, the package is also uniquely devised so that customers can enjoy the tea deliciously.Thanks to you, we received the Kanagawa Prefecture Retailer Award.Thanks to all the producers, business partners, and customers, we are able to deliver delicious tea from the bottom of our hearts! !