Words related to tea

morning tea is safe

Morning tea is a folk belief that you can escape the misfortune of the day.

The caffeine in the tea wakes up the muscle tissue, allowing the body to move properly and prevent injury.

Tea pillars stand

When tea is poured into a teacup, the stems of the tea stand vertically and float, which is said to be a harbinger of good things and is appreciated.

Oni and juhachibancha are flowered

All women look beautiful at their age. Even demons are beautiful in their own way at the age of 18.

It means that the freshly brewed bancha is fragrant.

Tea child Saisai

Easy to do. Before breakfast.

brew the tea

Say irrelevant things and cover up the place.


Making people laugh with childish playfulness. Or a funny mischievous person.


A charming, innocent and mischievous temperament.

have a chat

Teasing and interrupting.

There are many other words that use the character for tea, such as tea drinking friends, tea party, etc., so it's interesting.