"The concept of tea bags has changed"

I often use black tea TP instead of adding tea when I have a snack.

These days, I mostly get tea tp.

To be honest, TP is easy, but the taste is a bit...

I was thinking like that, so if that's the case, I'll have some tea!

But when I met Harukata Chaen's TP, I changed my mind.

It's delicious anyway! !

After that, we have 3 types (green tea, genmaicha with matcha, and roasted tea).

"Which one should I drink today?"

My son didn't have many opportunities to drink hot tea, probably because it was troublesome to make tea by himself.

When I showed him my TP, he said, “I think I’ll make tea with this,” and started drinking.

Now I put it in my cup and take it to my room.

As a result, the consumption of soft drinks has decreased.

I am also smiling because I have become a fan of tea that is good for the body!

From now on, I will continue to incorporate TP while enjoying delicious tea with tea leaves.

I would like to become more and more familiar with Japanese tea with my family.


かんたんtea 煎茶