thank you. the word

“Shunpo Chaen is a Japanese tea specialty store that values ​​fresh taste, health and peace of mind.

Today is another day, adding "creativity" to "smiles", "greetings" and "cleaning".

I will serve you delicious tea."

I recite it at the morning assembly every day, have a cup of tea, tighten my mind, and start the day.

In the "greetings" in it, from the first day I came to work, I kindly and politely taught various jobs.

When I received it, I was very moved and surprised.

that is,

It is the word "Thank you."

When I told them that the job was "finished", "brought it", and "finished", the president and others

My wife, senior managing director, and young seniors always said, "Thank you."

Because it is a restaurant with a weight that has continued in Totsuka for 32 years, everyone speaks to each other,

I think that it naturally comes to my ears and the words "thank you" naturally come out.

We would like to thank all the customers who visited us and our colleagues who worked with us.

I would like to cherish the words of the company motto and keep it in mind.