Help with the Totsuka Corporation Association Open Seminar!

Ken Noguchi

Yesterday was a lecture by Alpinist Ken Noguchi at the Totsuka Corporate Association Open Seminar.

"The beauty of living with purpose"

I was able to help you!

Before the lecture
"Mt.Fuji is crying because it has been designated as a World Heritage site."
"Nevertheless, I will go to the scene."

It was a lecture that I read.

When I read the book, my impression was "a person who has a strong will and makes decisions with a strong resolve."

The lecture gave a strong impression of Mr. Noguchi's bright energy,

“In order to continue to do difficult things, be cheerful and tenacious until the end.”
I was able to feel the importance of.

And "valuing the environment" means "valuing the harmony of people"

In fact, environmental problems are "problems of communication with people",

"The 'ring' in the character 'environment' has the meaning of 'wa' (wa/ring)."

The story is

Tea is a masterpiece that creates harmony, so if it is a tea that creates harmony,
I came up with the idea that I could help with environmental issues (laughs).

I think people's growth will accelerate due to people's connections.

Thanks to the connections and cooperation of many people,

We had a wonderful and valuable experience! !

Thank you very much! !