About this year's new tea situation

Are you all drinking delicious new tea?

Today is the last day of the big holidays.

Here, Sakuras Totsuka is also crowded with many people.

As I told you the other day, as you know from TV news, this year the tea picking dates in Shizuoka will be 10 to 15 days later than usual due to the cold weather and frost damage in March and April. situation.

I feel that this year will be the year to test the taste of real tea.

In order to drink really good tea, I feel that this year will be a year to test the taste of real tea with excellent producers.

In order to drink truly delicious tea, it is important to connect with excellent producers, carefully identify tea, and choose a tea shop that has farms and fields that you can choose from.

Shunpo Tea Garden will deliver delicious tea directly from the production area as a tea specialty store that understands "when, where, who and how" tea was made this year.