hojicha milk tea

It's autumn according to the calendar, but it looks like the lingering heat will continue for a while longer.

I tend to eat too much cold food in search of coolness,

Gently soaks into a tired stomach from eating too much cold food and a body with a feeling of summer fatigue.

I would like to introduce "Hojicha milk tea".

◎ “Hojicha milk tea” (easy to make)

・Put 100ml of water in a small pot and heat it.

・When it boils, turn off the heat, add 2 heaping tablespoons of hojicha tea leaves, cover with a lid, and let it steam for 3 minutes.

・Add 200ml of milk, heat again and turn off the heat just before it boils.

・Pour it into a cup while straining the tea leaves with a tea strainer.

If you like, you can add sugar or honey to deepen the flavor.

I think you can enjoy a fragrant milk tea that is a little different from the milk tea made with black tea!

By the way, our freshly roasted hojicha “Kaori” is also delicious milk tea!