tea master new year

The air in the mornings and evenings feels cool, and the cold weather begins around the beginning of winter (around the 7th and 8th).

In the world of tea ceremony, the tatami mats in the tea room are cut and a small hearth for tea is installed under the floor.

"Furnace opening" is performed.

This month is also called the New Year of the Tea Master.

There is a "Kuchikiri Tea Ceremony".

New tea picked in the spring is made into a state called tencha, which is the raw material of matcha.

It is packed in a teapot, carefully preserved and aged, and the teapot is unsealed on the day of the opening of the furnace.

That big pot displayed on the shelf of the Sakuras store is exactly the tea pot!

Like the autumn kuradashi tea, it is carefully aged over the seasons,

I bet it will be finished with a flavorful matcha.

At this time of year, the tatami mats and shoji screens in the tea room are changed, making it suitable for being called the New Year of the tea master.

Kaiseki cuisine is served, and a grand tea ceremony is said to be held.

Matcha contains a lot of vitamin C, which is good for beauty for women.

You can take in the whole tea leaves without any excess.

It can also be expected to be effective in preventing colds, which you should be careful about in the future.

I would like to incorporate it into my life well and spend the end of the year in good spirits, which will be busy from now on.