Sorry to keep you waiting! Limited new tea reservations have started! !

Thank you for always using Shunpo tea garden!

This year has been a tough year due to the low temperature climate and frost damage.

Frost damage caused damage to the tea fields, and the growth of buds was significantly different from that of the fields, which greatly affected the quality of tea. In addition, due to the cold weather, the bud growth was slow and the fresh leaves were thin, so we were unable to deliver Shizuoka tea on May 2nd.

However, thanks to the efforts of all the farmers working hard to make tea, we are finally able to deliver our authentic tea this year.

Although the picking date was delayed by more than 10 days compared to last year, I believe that we have finally prepared tea that we can give to everyone with peace of mind.

This is a truly valuable new tea that was created together with the farmers.

This year will be a year in which there will be a big difference in the taste of tea depending on the teahouse.

Please try the tea from the specialty store and compare the tastes.

Takanori Goto