Thank you for working with us! ! !

on yesterday's blog

Mr. Takahashi, a part-time employee of our company, wrote, "Thank you for being able to work!"

I was very happy and moved.

Our company is a really tough place to work.

We are currently recruiting part-timers (as of March 2011).

"Can you load and unload about 10K of luggage to the warehouse on the 3rd floor?"

"Can you work until 9:00 pm?"

I have been working in that harsh environment for nearly a year and a half.

I respect Mr. Takahashi for his gratitude despite being a strict workplace.

And on the contrary, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to everyone who is working hard together now.

Each person has a different way of perceiving the environment at different times.

I sincerely respect people who are grateful for the current environment and can make an effort.

I must learn from you, thank you, and work hard.

I want to convey the wonderfulness of Japanese tea purely with a good heart.

~Spring is the best, the best is the partner~ Takanori Goto