Thank you! Thank you very much for this year! !

Just a few more to go this year.

Shunpo Tea Garden celebrated its 30th anniversary this year.

We want to deliver tea from producers that you can trust, we want you to drink genuinely delicious Japanese tea with a genuine aroma and taste, we want you to tell us in detail about tea that is affected by the weather every year at the time of the new tea season, etc. It's been 30 years since I've been passionately telling you.

Thirty years have not been a smooth road.

At the time of our founding, even though our neighbors were scolding us, we held a microphone and yelled loudly at the storefront to encourage them to drink tea with all their might. Even so, it didn't sell well at first, so much so that we were actually in the red... (laughs)

But we had a very fulfilling and fun day.

The road in front of our shop is the road to the Totsuka Ward Office. A lot of people our age and a little younger are heading to the ward office with their cute babies to get vaccinated. I've been thinking about my life and I've been old.

These customers introduced us to new customers, and our store was able to grow little by little. Of course, customers from that time still visit us today.

Thinking about it 30 years later, what do we have now that we didn't have when we were founded?

In a word, it's "peace of mind".

And I think it is the daily "seriousness" that created this "sense of security".

Think seriously about other people's affairs as your own. Think every day, act seriously, and tell. Thirty years later, I feel that now is the time to live more seriously.

The world is very unstable right now, and it's really unclear what will happen in the future. The president of the United States chanted "change" and the first black president was born.

The time has come for things that have never happened before.

And "Totsuka", where our company is located, is about to enter a period of major change.

Chunfang Tea Garden is also changing. Rather than being the only one to lead the way, we are earnestly working to become a Shunpo tea garden that can deliver even greater "sense of security" with the help of more people than ever before.

While feeling the difficulty and fear of watching over, more in everyone's heart

I will do my best to become an indispensable shop "Shunpo Chaen".

Shunpo Tea Garden Takeshi Goto Satoko