Tea shop sweets (chacha daifuku)

The other day, a girl in the third grade of elementary school came shopping with her mother at the Sakuras store.

He always said that he was looking forward to receiving tea and sweets.

The sweets at that time were chacha daifuku.

We ate and drank deliciously.

“Thank you.

When I answered, he smiled and said, "Hi!"

There are quite a few small children who want to sit on the chairs in the shop and drink tea.

Children who drink deliciously, children who drink while thinking that it is a little bitter,

When they finished drinking, they said, "It was a feast. It was delicious."

I feel blissful joy when you say that.

"Please come again. And please drink delicious tea. I'll be waiting."

Say bye-bye while calling out.

We want children to know the deliciousness of tea, so we propose sweets according to the season.

Tea and sweets are a very good pair to make people's harmony!

Please come and visit us to taste tea and sweets!

Staff Hashimoto

横浜戸塚 春芳茶園 茶々大福