[Limited time offer] Now you can get a pack of water-brewed green tea Hamakaze tea pack as a gift!

Thank you for always using Shunpo Tea Garden & Shunpou Cafe.

It won't be long until the end of the rainy season. I hope the day will soon come when you don't have to carry an umbrella

Ladies and gentlemen, have you tried the summer's most popular cold-brewed green tea "Hamakaze" yet?

Cold-brewed green tea from Shizuoka with little bitterness and a refreshing aroma.

Now, for a limited time only, customers who have used Shunpo Tea Garden will receive a 1-infusion pack of Makaze Tea Pack.

Just put it in a pot and carry it around, and you can easily make delicious cold-brewed green tea. Please try this deliciousness and convenience.