Autumn kuradashi tea has been aligned!

Hope everyone is doing well! !

Autumn limited tea is now on sale! !


○ Fragrant tea "Thank you" 80g 780 yen

The new tea that was picked in spring and let it sleep slowly now wakes up from its sleep and is used as kuradashi tea.

It was shipped with the wonderful words "thank you" with a fragrant freshness.

A fresh scent with the feeling of "thank you"

○Autumn Limited Kuradashi Aged Successful Tea “Tsuki no Shizuku” 80g 1000yen

I am grateful to have been born in Japan, which has four seasons.

It's a fruitful season that delights. Among the fresh tea picked in May this year,

The tea that is shipped at this time, which boasts the strongest flavor, is called Shussecha.

Enjoy the real taste that seeks deliciousness

○Autumn storehouse tea brewing "Nukumori" 80g 680 yen

Making the most of the warmth of farmhouse farming as it is, we made it in search of a warm taste.

Thinking of the past, nostalgic taste The scent and taste that you can't forget

In search of the precious taste that reminds me...

○Autumn limited kuradashi promotion tea “Fukuju Sencha”

Today, Japan's prosperity has been built through your efforts.

I made it a gift for Respect for the Aged Day as a word of gratitude and joy.

Ladies and gentlemen, please try the autumn matured career tea! !