It's a true story! !

Please listen to my pleasant surprise! !

My 30-year-old nephew is now addicted to tea.

The reason for this was that I was deeply moved by the deliciousness of the tea that I had at a house I visited on business.

I want to drink such delicious tea again, so I decided to buy expensive tea!

However, I was disappointed that I could not meet the taste of that tea.

At that time, I had the opportunity to visit the house again, and this time I took the plunge and asked, "It's delicious tea. Is it a high-class tea?"

And the reply was, "No, no, that's not true."

And that was the “moment” of Shunho Tea Garden.

When I told him that I was working at a teahouse in Totsuka, he asked me, "Shunpo tea garden?"

He told us about his encounter with "a moment".

I was surprised and at the same time happy and happy~

My nephew said, ``To drink delicious tea, you have to meet the real tea and how to brew it.''

My nephew and I met at Shunfang Tea Garden for real, delicious tea.

And I want to tell as many people as possible about the real taste of Shunpo Tea Garden.

From now on, I will put my heart into delicious tea.

With a smile from the heart


Meeting people is a precious "moment"!

We hope that our sencha "moment" will also be a "moment" of peace for everyone.