New tea status report! !

Thank you very much for using Shunpo Tea Garden!

We will give you a status report on the fresh tea from this year! !

In early April, the nighttime temperature remained low and the growth of buds was suppressed.

In the middle of the year, the sprouts have grown steadily due to moderate rain and rising temperatures.

It has grown quite a bit over the past few days of heat and rain.

◆ Current state of the tea garden

Please see the photo of the production area sent by the production area on April 15th.

2009 production area photo


The upcoming fresh tea information has become a very fun situation!

Please look forward to it! !

PS: It's really a small amount, but finally we will release only one type of fresh tea from Kagoshima with good content.

It takes a little time to register for online sales, so if you want to order, please order by phone! ! It's finally the new tea season! ! ! ! !