"Mimei Konton" The depth of thought

Last Saturday and Sunday, I helped with the tea ceremony for the first time.

The tea ceremony was called "Toka no Chaji".

It was a tea ceremony that was held in the dark using "lights".

Before the charcoal, until the kaiseki meal, it was bright, and from the koicha onwards, the tea ceremony was performed in complete darkness.

In everyday life, there are two poles of the game such as "sun and moon", "white and black", "man and woman", and "yin and yang".

The position of your thinking makes a big difference.

The deeper you learn, the more you feel that there is no clear answer, and it is important to face yourself and be grateful that you have a game.

It's not a story that has an answer, but there may be days when you feel and think like this.


Finally, I would like to introduce a poem written by Masatami Sakamura.

"Mimei Conton" Masatami Sakamura

What I like most in a day is

It's a moment of remembrance

I threw myself into it and became one with it.

Hear the voice of the bear, hear the voice of the god, hear the voice of Ashura,

Listening to the voices of the shobutsu shobosatsu, sitting still

It is at this time that Tenga cries and changes

There is no distinction between masculine and virtuous, and there is no difference between a man and a woman.

There is no conflict between humans and animals.

No sorrow, no grief, full of life, overflowing with life

Ah, the thing that worries me the most in a day

It's a moment of remembrance


Chaos is a place of creation where new light is born.

I want to broaden my mind and promote self-reform so that I can receive new light.