Words of thanks for 2008! !

What kind of year was 2008 for you?

December is the season for gift giving to someone like New Year's greetings.

We had a lot of customers visit us again this year,

"It's got to be Haruyoshi's tea... my parents (^^)"

"The last time I gave it to you, you were really happy! Tea is different, isn't it?"

“I have a lot of gifts, but I want to drink Haruyoshi-san’s tea for New Year’s!”

Etc. Thank you so much for your kind words! !

I really appreciate it.

2008 is coming to an end and we are entering a new year.

We will continue to do our best to cherish "fresh taste, health and peace of mind" even more purely!

Thank you for visiting Shunho Tea Garden! !

Have a good year! !

Everyone at Shunpo Tea Garden