Compare with tea from around the world! !

world tea

Today, I received a sample of tea from around the world that I prepared.

We tested the power of our "domestic black tea" .

As with all products, we always compare with other products in the world,

Correcting "taste value", "price value" and "quality value"

It is very important to keep our customers happy.

We are constantly improving and improving, and we are finally happy with our customers.

This time, in order to make our tea more valuable than ever,

Black teas from around the world (Darjeeling, Assam, Keeman, Earl Gray,
Uva, Dimbura, and 5 others” and the company’s domestic black tea were compared.

Each had its own characteristics, but

Domestic black tea tends to be the closest to Dimbula from Sri Lanka,

I felt that one of the features is that it is easy to drink with less bitterness and astringency than that.

The quality is very good, so how do we promote it?

One more thing to look forward to this year!

Thank you very much to the producers and Japanese tea! !