"Are you cold or warm?"

Gyokuro-zukuri Saemidori
The other day, on NHK's "Try it out Gatten", ice water brewed tea had almost no caffeine,
Catechin, which boosts immunity, melts and is delicious! ! There is a broadcast called
" Hamakaze" cold brew tea is very popular.
How to put tea leaves explained on TV (Put tea leaves in a pot and brew with ice water for 5 minutes)
If you put it in "Gyokuro-zukuri Saemidori" , it's outstandingly delicious! ! I understand! !
Originally called gyokuro-zukuri, it is made by covering the tea plantation with a cover, so it is extracted with a beautiful green color.
There is no bitterness, yet you can fully enjoy the umami of tea.

It's the best premium iced water sencha to serve to customers! !

Please try once! !