Founding festival will be held from October 12th to 18th! 20% off the displayed price of all teapots and pots!

It's a little cooler today, probably because of the rain, and we're finally getting closer to the season where hot tea tastes even better. .

It's been about two weeks since reservations for the founding festival started, but have you seen it yet?

There are ``Tottokei'' and ``Chachamori Tamatebako'' as limited edition products for the founding festival, and ``Yaki Nori'' as a limited quantity item, but the number of products manufactured by the pottery has decreased, and each teapot and pot is sold out in quantity. This is a limited quantity item.

There are two types of teapots available at Haruyoshi Tea Garden: a banded teapot with a mesh wrapped around it, and a super stainless steel teapot with a removable mesh.

Shunyoshi Tea Garden's deep-steamed tea has fine leaves, so using a special teapot will make it easier and more delicious.

If you don't have a teapot or pot yet, or if you don't have Shunyoshi Tea Garden's special teapot or pot, please take advantage of the founding festival, where you can buy them at a great price!

Please feel free to visit our store and take a look at our products in person.

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*When ordering online, please be sure to enter the founding festival coupon code: SOUGY2023. Please note that if you do not enter this information, the 20% OFF will not be applied.