[Using stems from Kakegawa, Shizuoka] Freshly roasted roasted green tea "Kongari" 100g packed *No mail delivery



Specially roasted roasted roasted tea "Kongri" 100g


Production area: Use of stems from Shizuoka Kakegawa

Variety: Yabukika variety

It is a very popular roasted tea that carefully selects and manufactures only the fragrant stems in the mountains and packed with freshly roasted ones! ! It is a freshly roasted roasted tea from Nippon Television "Burari Detailed Trip". Please enjoy the sweet scent and sweetness!

 [Recommended how to put in]

Mount of tea leaves: 3 cups of teaspoon about 6-8g

Hot water temperature: 90 ° C (hot water is recommended)

Extract time: 30 seconds to 60 seconds (adjust the depth as you like)

While stirring well, pour up to the last drop.

[Great! Bulk buying including shipping! Ried roasted roasted tea "Kongri" 100g set 5 sets]

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The freshly roasted roasted tea "Kongri" is the most popular roasted tea in our garden!

We carefully roast and manufacture the carefully selected Kakegawa scent of Kakegawa's back of the mountain every day.

Many customers are pleased with the fragrant and good sweetness.

Of course, we meet Japanese sweets, but it is very compatible with Western confectionery.
Compared to green tea, it has fewer caffeine and is gentle on the stomach, so it goes well with any tea confectionery.

Please enjoy the truly popular roasted roasted tea "Kofuri" that is gentle on the stomach and refreshes your mouth.

If you do not have a teapot or a pot or use a tool, a tied lip filter is recommended. It is a convenient goods that anyone can easily use, just attached to a cup of tea or mug. (12 bags per bag)

[How to put delicious roasted tea in one minute]

tea products

At our farm, we pack tea leaves in small batches as much as possible to deliver fresh tea leaves. We deliver fresh tea leaves with a shelf life of 3 months or more. The bag uses a tea-only aluminum bag with high preservability.

confectionery products

Sweets are manufactured in small batches and delivered as fresh as possible. We will deliver the product with the newest expiration date.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 Reviews
Taste that can be poted

I bought it for the first time.
It was fragrant and delicious.

Thank you very much
Hojicha has been roasted carefully every day since its inception.
It will be freshly roasted roasted tea!

Thank you for your continued support! !

Hayao -ri
The scent of happiness!

My husband likes hojicha
I bought it!

The moment you open the bag
The fragrant smell can make you feel happy (^^)

This time is lock tea
To have a couple at night
It's a classic tea time♪

It is a very delicious roasted tea!

Thank you for your valuable words!
The scent of roasted tea is really "the scent of happiness"! !

Summer Hojicha ice rock tea is a blissful bath that will open both mind and body from the heat! !

Thank you very much!

After all it is delicious

I often drink tea, so I purchased and drank a commercial hojicha pack, but I still miss this "king" and drink it properly.
Review posting is delayed (sweat)
After all, this fragrance is exceptional. It's bad, but I smell the scent when the seal is opened like Kunkun and aroma ...
Hojicha is somehow a great relaxation effect.

"Kunkun the scent when the seal is opened"

understand! ! I (Goto) do green tea!
Really, tea is also an aroma aromatherapy, so you can have a healing time even if you taste it.
I have roasted the Hojicha and "Kahori" little by little every day.
We will continue to carefully roast carefully selected original ingredients so that we can deliver daily healing time, including the scent!

Hiromi Ogura

Hojicha "Kofuri" is fragrant and delicious
I drink with my family after each meal.
It's not bitter
Children can drink.

Thank you for your valuable words!

"Kongri" has been carefully roasted every day since its founding
It is a freshly roasted roasted tea packed every day!
Because it has less bitterness in caffeineless
It is really recommended for children and at night! !

Thank you for your continued support! !

Wako Okamura
It has a good taste and aroma and praised for being delicious

The tea that is ordered from Shizuoka Prefecture is the best! To my mother
If you give "Kong -ri" of Hojicha, it will be a favorite
Buy again! and.
I praise that the taste and aroma come out well and are delicious.

This time, I received a very happy word
Thank you very much! !

"Kongri" is really pleased by many customers
It is freshly roasted roasted tea! !
Continue to roast carefully every day
I want to contribute to the healing time of everyone! !

Thank you for your continued support! !

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