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For customers / For advanced tea drinkers 
[100g 1,000 yen or more]

XNUMX features

XNUMX. The day of picking is early, the tea leaves are soft, mellow and have a strong flavor.

XNUMX. Depending on the temperature of hot water and the amount of tea leaves, the difference in taste is large, and the degree of ripening after opening is high.

XNUMX.Because you can find the brewing method that suits the tea and the brewing method that you like, you can enjoy creating "my best tea" that cannot be tasted with other tea leaves! 

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Can be used for both customers! !Daily use for tea lovers
[100g 1,000 yen - around 500 yen]

XNUMX features

XNUMX. Because the tea leaves have the best balance of quality, production volume and price, it is a price range that allows you to understand the characteristics of the teahouse.

XNUMX You can enjoy a stable taste by adding the temperature of hot water and the appropriate amount of tea leaves according to the recipe.Therefore, it is a recommended tea leaf if you can put it firmly for visitors.

XNUMX. In some cases, it is sold as "unrefined tea", which looks powdery and contains stalks.

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Feel free to enjoy delicious tea every day! 
[100g500 yen or less]

two features

XNUMX. The important point of this class is that the tea leaves should not have unpleasant bitterness or astringency and still have good taste.Furthermore, it is highly cost-effective. (It is impossible to create tea leaves that have both of these characteristics unless you are a specialty store that sells directly from the production area.)

XNUMX. It is better to cool the water and put it in carefully, but if the tea leaves do not taste delicious even in boiling water, there is no difference between supermarkets and mass retailers, so it is a fierce battlefield for economical tea leaves where the pride of the tea shop is at stake!
(Of course, our tea leaves fight with delicious tea leaves even in hot water!)

three types

There are 3 types of features of "deal tea leaves".

1) Tea leaves picked at the end of the XNUMXst bancha 

Tea leaves targeted by our company [Delicious “Taikoban”]

2) First picked tea leaves of the XNUMXnd crop
Tea leaves targeted by our company

1) Tea leaves using XNUMXst bancha

Tea leaves targeted by our company [Gentle sweetness "Amami Bancha"]

These three types are the majority of tea leaves that are sold for less than 3 yen.

If the price is 100 yen or less per 300g, most of the tea will be XNUMXnd bancha.If you are a tea shop or producer who can carefully select the products (stalks, powdered tea, and large leaves that come out during processing of tea leaves), you can produce high-quality tea leaves at an affordable price.

However, the amount of high-quality offerings is limited, so when you come across something delicious, it's a good idea to ask the store about the offerings and why they're so affordable.

Shops with owners who can talk in detail purchase tea leaves from producers in unrefined tea, and make tea using the products they offer.

*We pack all 3 types in a zipper bag, so you can easily compare these 3 types.
Please enjoy tea time with your favorite "bargain tea leaves" for the first time!

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