At Shunpo Tea Garden , we deliver " fresh original tea leaves directly from the production area".

Since Japanese tea is an agricultural product, it will lose its flavor if it is not stored properly.
Our products are prepared with fresh tea leaves, and most of the products are packed in "highly light-blocking zipper bags" . Enjoy fresh and delicious Japanese tea!

◎Points of "how to preserve the taste of Japanese green tea" of Shunpo tea garden

1. If you drink it within a month (around 30 days) after opening the package, you can store it at room temperature . Conversely, if you take it out of the refrigerator or freezer with the seal open, it will lose its freshness due to the difference in temperature and humidity.

2. When storing for more than 1 month, store in a sealed state at a low temperature . For long-term storage of 6 months or more, please freeze (it can be stored for about 1 year without breaking the seal). please give me. If you open the teapot too soon, the temperature difference between the outside and the outside will dampen the tea and damage it. Please take it out of the freezer at night and open it in the morning.