A. Shincha is a festival where you can taste the first tea that comes once a year! Freshly picked tea leaves like new rice and Beaujolais Nouveau! !

Shincha is tea that uses freshly picked tea leaves such as new rice and Beaujolais Nouveau. In the case of Japanese tea, we pick 1st bancha (new tea), 2nd bancha, 3rd bancha, and autumn/winter bancha depending on the production area. It is a tea that can grow at once while enduring the cold of winter from November and slowly receiving nutrients from the soil in the field, and can be picked at once when it becomes warm in March and April.

The tea picked during this period (it varies from year to year, but from the end of March to the end of April in Kagoshima, and from around April 20 to around May 10 in Shizuoka) is called ``new tea'' (first tea). We will store the tea for a year and sell it.

Enjoy the taste full of umami

Since only fresh tea is a tea that is born with nutrients from the soil for 5 to 6 months, the difference in theanine, which is the umami component of tea, is more than three times that of fresh tea (1st bancha) and 2nd bancha. Shincha is a tea with soft leaves and a strong umami flavor.

[2022 new tea collection]

By carefully selecting tea leaves from producers all over Japan, we are able to deliver tea leaves that put our customers first and that our customers will be delighted with.

Many tea shops want to sell new tea as soon as possible during the new tea season.
This is because it is the most profitable time and the most lively time for tea. The same is true for our garden.

And just as there is a phrase "early discount or early special" for summer gifts, year-end gifts, and travel reservations, the idea of ​​selling tea early during the new tea season to please customers was born.

I think it's great that you try to make various teas with originality and ingenuity and make your customers happy.

However, as a result, the image of new tea has come to be that it is “a tea with only fragrance and no taste”.

There are many different tastes, so I can't say that it's absolute, but it's the first time I've ever met a customer-first tea leaf that makes my customers happy. .

[2022 new tea collection]

The new tea of ​​Shunpo Tea Garden is based on the policy of "hurrying will result in a loss".

At our farm, we carefully select tea leaves from producers all over the country right up to the day they are picked, and manufacture our original tea leaves.

And what is the value of a Japanese tea specialty store located in a production area and a consumption area? !


Being in a place where you can always have contact with tea-loving customers and always feel what kind of tea actually makes them happy.

At our tea garden, we hold “Shunpou Café” where you can drink tea leaves from each production area at the store, and “Seminar on how to brew tea”. We create "deliciousness".


To be able to calmly compare teas from various production areas, and to make teas that cherish "deliciousness that pleases customers and trust with producers" among them. 

Every day, we talk about tea with many customers, so we place the most importance on what kind of tea customers like and what kind of price will please them.

And we believe that the most important thing is to manufacture tea leaves that our customers will be happy to taste every day.

It is a very happy thing to feel and enjoy the delicious tea every day. In order to deliver this happiness, we pursue and manufacture new tea that our customers will be pleased with.

Please remember...
The biggest merit of the new tea of ​​Shunpochaen is

"It is possible to select and manufacture carefully selected customer-oriented tea from all over the country."

[2022 new tea collection]

A trip to stock up on new tea at the Shunpochaen! !

[Shunpo Chaen New Tea Video Story Kagoshima & Shizuoka Edition]

Kagoshima new tea stocking diary

vol1: "Heading to the Market"

vol2: "Chiran Area Tea Plantation Tour & Tasting Part 1"

vol3: "Kagoshima Market Situation 1 & Tasting 2"

vol4: "Kagoshima Market Situation 2 & Weather Conditions and Influence on Tea Quality"

vol5: "Around Osumi Peninsula Producers"

◎Shizuoka New Tea Purchasing Trip

vol1: "Visiting Graves & Touring Shizuoka Kikugawa Tea Fields"

vol2: "Shizuoka Makinohara Tea Plantation Tour"

vol3: "Shizuoka Kakegawa Tea Plantation Tour"

vol4: "Shunpo Tea Garden Tasting Edition"

[2022 new tea collection]

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!
For inquiries on LINE, please contact us from this QR or the LINE inquiry button on the bottom left of the web! !

Before and after purchase, please contact us regarding how to make tea or how to make tea. Our mission is to create an environment where customers can enjoy delicious tea!

We would appreciate it if you could contact us not only on LINE, but also by e-mail, SNS, and other methods that are easy for customers to contact!

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