There are four important points to make delicious tea.

1 Amount of tea leaves 2 Amount of hot water & temperature of hot water 3 Brewing time 4 How to pour

1 Amount of tea leaves

6g for 3 people . It will be calculated as 2g per person.

I used a teaspoon this time.
If it is a normal size teaspoon, it will be about 5 to 6 g per cup .
If it's a teaspoon, it's usually about 2 cups . Once you measure it, you will get a good idea of ​​what it is.

*At our company, we give away teaspoonfuls to customers who wish to receive them, both in-store and online!

If it is a teaspoon as shown in the picture, it will be about 6g in a large serving.

2 Amount of hot water & temperature of hot water

"How much water should I use when making green tea?"

The most important thing is the temperature of the water.
I will explain with quantity.

The optimum temperature is around 80 degrees (100 degrees for Hojicha) .

We recommend the method of pouring hot water once into the tea cup described below or your favorite cup and letting it cool.

If you put hot water in the tea cup, you can measure the amount of hot water, and it will warm the tea cup, and it will also cool the water.

3 extraction time

For Shunpo tea garden tea, brew it for around 30 to 45 seconds while turning the teapot. At the Japanese Tea Instructors Association, we say, "We don't turn teapots and pots" (laughs).

However, if it is our tea, we recommend that you mix the tea leaves well and extract it to a darker degree, so we recommend turning it around. This will vary depending on the tea leaves used.

To reiterate, we recommend brewing the tea strongly, so we recommend turning the teapot lightly.

the most important point is

It's about "what you like, how you like it"! !

Once you have mastered the basics, it's time to pursue your own preferences! ”

4 How to pour

Pour in several times so that the amount of tea and the concentration of tea are evenly distributed in three hot water only. This is called "mawashinose"

The point is to pour it all the way down to the last drop .
If hot water remains in the teapot, the umami of the second brew will come out and the taste will be lost. The umami is condensed in the last drop, so use it carefully.

Pour it down to the last drop

Finally ~Afterword~

I have explained various things in detail, but it is not difficult at all to make tea. If you want to drink delicious tea, including your partner, and drink tea every day, you will definitely become a tea master!
Please try it with the tea of ​​Shunho tea garden!

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