"How do you choose when you give tea as a gift? 』

If you already like tea and know about various production areas, varieties, and tea shops, you know "your favorite tea", so the criteria for choosing gifts and gifts is "specialty of Japanese tea that you like". Tea that can be used as a gift from the shop", and I think that you will choose from among them according to your budget, age, gender, and family composition.

However, even though the other person likes tea, I don't know much about tea, don't drink much, or drink mostly from plastic bottles. And on the web, we tend to choose things that are ranked high or have a lot of comments. This is one way to choose, but I would appreciate it if you could include the suggestions for how to choose Japanese tea gifts and gifts recommended by our garden as one of the options. I will be happy to

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1. A specialty store that manufactures carefully selected teas

Original production means that the shop must have a firm “intention” to create the product, including carefully selecting the producer and tea leaves, finishing (making it into the final product) and the number of grams. can not. In addition, mass-market tea, which can be purchased anywhere, must be manufactured in large quantities at once, which inevitably sacrifices quality and freshness. And we recommend a specialty store where the tea is sold out. This is because high-quality raw materials are limited in quantity. We recommend producers and specialty stores that are firmly communicating this fact to customers.

2. Specialty stores that can be freely combined

If it is originally set, it is possible that the tea was manufactured for that set. The fact that we can freely combine the teas that we always sell means that our customers are constantly checking their sense of taste. Instead of pre-set tea, you can pack your own original tea as you like, and by always setting the latest expiration date tea on the spot, you can give the freshest tea as a gift. can deliver

3. Depending on how you drink tea and your lifestyle

Specialty store that can propose by production area and varieties and types

Tea has different characteristics depending on the production area, and the characteristics also differ depending on the producer of the production area. And the quality varies greatly depending on the weather of the year. Even if you don't drink tea, "sweet" is better, "bitter" is better, "famous production area" is better, and if the person who gives you tea is related to a company, "tea bag" might be better. It is important to be able to imagine and propose an environment where the recipient will enjoy the tea.

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