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How to choose and enter a professional


How to choose delicious hojicha

The most important point in choosing a delicious Hojicha is that it should be "Fresh Iritate"!The freshness and freshness of the raw tea leaves are the basis for producing "deliciousness".

Our hojicha is carefully roasted in small batches every day using a small hoji roasting machine.In addition, the raw material for our freshly roasted hojicha is only the fragrant stems deep in the mountains of Kakegawa, Shizuoka.

By the way, it is characterized by its fragrant aroma and elegant sweetness, and it is a very popular "freshly roasted hojicha" that sells more than 10,000 bottles every year.

[Our garden's popular hojicha"Darkis being roasted]

[Roasted little by little every day with a hoji roasting machine in the store]

Part of Hojicha Tea Leaves and Roasting Strength

When choosing your favorite hojicha, the characteristics of the tea will change greatly depending on which parts of the tea leaves are roasted and how much.

The best way to find your favorite delicious hojicha is to ask the store staff what "production area", "part", and how much "roasting" you prefer.The taste of hojicha changes depending on the type of tea leaves roasted, such as "leaf" or "willow (large leaf)", and the strength of the roast.

In our case, we only use the carefully selected stems of first-class tea leaves to produce hojicha.Stem hojicha is best characterized by its good aroma!

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delicious hojicha "Four entry points"

We will introduce how to make delicious roasted roasted tea "Kongari"


For making delicious hojicha
There are XNUMX important points!

  1. amount of tea leaves
  2. hot water temperature
  3. when extracting
  4. How to pour

How to make delicious tea (for XNUMX people)

XNUMX Amount of tea leaves

The amount of tea leaves is about XNUMXg for XNUMX people.
I used a teaspoon this time.
If it is a normal size teaspoon, it will be about XNUMXg to XNUMXg in two heaping cups.If it is a teaspoon, it will be about XNUMX cups.
If it is a teaspoon introduced in the store, on the website, or in the video,
Two scuffed cups!If you have a request for a customer who buys it, we will present it!Please feel free to contact us! !

XNUMX Delicious roasted tea Amount of tea leaves

Since it is roasted, it swells a lot, but the trick is to add a little more hojicha than green tea.Once you measure it like a picture, it will be easier to get a guideline.
(If it is XNUMXg, it is a lot and you can taste it strongly!)

XNUMX Hot water temperature

The most important thing is the temperature of the water.
Hot water of XNUMX degrees is suitable for hojicha.

The reason why hot water is better is because hot water allows you to fully enjoy the aroma.
Also, since hojicha is roasted, it contains less caffeine than green tea.In terms of taste, caffeine is bitter.Because the caffeine is roasted, it does not become bitter even if you put it in boiling water.Safe for pregnant women and children.

XNUMX extraction time

About XNUMX seconds!Lightly turn the teapot/pot to make the brew stronger and stronger.

You can enjoy the sweet and fragrant hojicha even when brewed strongly!

XNUMX How to pour

So that the amount of tea and the concentration of tea are uniform in only XNUMX hot water,
Pour in several batches.This is called "mawashinose."

The point is to pour it all the way down to the last drop.
If hot water remains in the teapot, the umami of the second brew will come out,
It loses its flavor.The umami is condensed in the last drop, so use it carefully.

Please enjoy freshly roasted hojicha! !

XNUMX. Please refer to the video on how to make Hojicha.