・A bag will be attached to the boxed set.
At our company, we have made it possible to attach a decorative bag and Noshi to even a single item so that you can give it as a gift from one item.
One piece will be attached to each set.

Please specify the noshi and name in the noshi item and remarks column in the cart.
[We will respond to requests such as congratulations, aspirations, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Respect for the Aged Day, birthdays, etc.]

Depending on the size of the tea or sweets to be combined, the size of the decorative bag or carrier bag that can be put in will change, so we will select the appropriate type of decorative bag.

Condolence gifts will be wrapped in "green", and gifts for special occasions will be wrapped in "bright color".
Thank you very much.

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Feel free to ask any questions
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