Shunpo Tea Garden operates a physical store in Totsuka, Yokohama.
A Japanese tea specialty store that sells original tea leaves directly from the production area, celebrating its XNUMXrd year in October XNUMX.
◎ To the list of limited fresh tea reserved productsEvery year, we visit production areas and work with wonderful producers to deliver the “deliciousness and charm of Japanese tea” to customers who have never tasted Japanese tea with tea leaves.

◎ To the list of limited fresh tea reserved products

[Limited new tea reservation sale] is a limited reservation sale that we have been doing since our founding so that customers can first taste the quality and production of this year's new tea, which changes greatly depending on the weather conditions, tea gardens, and cultivation conditions of the farmer's field every year.The price is the tasting and sample price, which is more affordable than the regular selling price.

◎ To the list of limited fresh tea reserved products

The charm of Japanese tea is that there are teas made by producers, teas made by tea merchants in the production areas, and specialty shops such as our tea garden that create original teas together with producers with the customer's voice as the first priority.And each has its own characteristics, and each has its own taste and charm.

The most important criterion for our Japanese tea is that even those who try it for the first time can feel that it is delicious.

This limited fresh tea reservation sale is an opportunity to purchase the tea leaves at a limited fresh tea sample and tasting price.We hope that you will take advantage of this reservation sale to fully enjoy the charm of Japanese tea. 
Store owner Takanori Goto All comrades

◎ To the list of limited fresh tea reserved products

You can use a coupon code that allows you to purchase a XNUMX% discount on registered teapots and pots only for customers who have pre-ordered limited new tea!

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*This discount is for reservations only.We will cancel the order if it is only for regular products.

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◎If you order regular products together with limited fresh tea, it will be the shipping date of the limited fresh tea.If you would like to ship regular products and limited fresh tea separately, please place separate orders.

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◎ To the list of limited fresh tea reserved products