Those who want to purchase at a discount on shipping

Bargain set including shipping
Anxiety and problem with the website is the cost of shipping.
Items displayed as free shipping at major shopping malls and department stores include shipping and handling fees in the product price.Or someone is paying for shipping.
In the case of our garden, we have a store with high quality original tea leaves, and we deliver the same products as the store at the same shipping fee at the web shop.Due to the large number of requests for shipping, we are making shipping as affordable as possible.

◎ About shipping
・Small amount mail service: Impossibility of date and time designation
 Green tea leaf type 100g pack x 5 or less
 Special shipping fee 220 yen including tax

[Order point! ]
In the case of trial of tea leaves, this mail service is recommended!You can't specify the time of delivery by mail, but the shipping fee is 220 yen including tax nationwide!

・Normal delivery service:
 One place delivery For orders over 1 yen including tax Free shipping nationwide! !
 From Kanto to Tohoku/Chugoku/Shikoku 770 yen including tax
 Kyushu/Hokkaido 1,100 yen excluding tax
 Okinawa 1,650 yen excluding tax

Here, we would like to introduce you to our recommended set that includes the shipping fee in the product price.
Please try! !!

◎ same packing OK!Good deal!Shipping included set