Those who want to enjoy delicious sweets with green tea At our garden, we carefully select tea sweets that make tea even more delicious when you enjoy it with tea, because we want you to enjoy tea deliciously.Thanks to this tea confectionery, tea can be enjoyed even more deliciously.And it is even more pleasing to give this tea confectionery as a gift, gift or souvenir.Totsuka brand chacha cookie and delicious green teaMost of the snacks are packaged in small portions, making it easy to divide and distribute.Among such popular tea sweets, the overwhelmingly popular one is “Totsuka Brand Certified Chacha Cookie”.Rich matcha ice cream, Totsuka brand certified chacha cookie and matcha set Chacha Cookie has been certified as a "Delicious Totsuka Brand" in Totsuka, Yokohama, where our farm is located.We have been selling tea confectionery for nearly 20 years, but it has become even more popular since we started selling it with rich matcha ice cream at our garden's Syunpo Cafe!If it is a tea confectionery of our garden, it is a confectionery that goes well with both green tea and hojicha.We highly recommend that you enjoy a rich tea time with tea and sweets! !

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