Where to buy summer 2021 gifts?

XNUMX summer bargain!Gifts/Summer gifts
XNUMX summer bargain!Gifts/Summer gifts
  Reasons for being chosen as a gift/summer gift

Made with high-quality kabuse tea and fragrant stems, this cold-brewed green tea has a strong aroma and flavor even when extracted with water!

Gifts/Summer gifts

We use carefully selected teas with 40 years of history and special teas that are not on the general market.

Tea is for drinking.
Therefore, "taste" rather than "appearance"

To be chosen as a summer gift / mid-year gift

In the new tea season, the owner himself visits the production area and conducts more than XNUMX tastings to directly purchase the best tea on the day of picking.
Our garden has been awarded as an excellent retail store in Kanagawa!

If you receive it as a gift or mid-year gift

Introducing how to make easy and delicious iced rock tea and green tea and our recommended summer items!

How about having green tea cold in the hot season?It's a quick and easy way to put it in.The taste is much different from tea in a plastic bottle, so it is perfect for entertaining.