New appearance! Cold brew tea bag "Yame no Shizuku"

The best and high-end cold brew tea is ready!

New products for the summer that are perfect for the coming season Appeared♪ Summer is the season for cold tea.

Speaking of summer, the iced tea called "Hamakaze" was recommended at our store, Fukuoka Yame's "Yame no Shizuku" has newly joined this summer!

It's easy and convenient because it's a tea bag with a string! If you put a tea bag and ice water or cold water in a cup, You can drink it right away and feel free to enjoy it ♪ When you want to drink a lot in summer or when you want to carry it, Put 2-3 tea bags and use a pot or water bottle It is also recommended to make it at once!

It's a little extravagant high-class cold brew tea, but... Even though it is cold water, you can drink it with a solid taste. Beautiful light blue color, sweetness, fragrant aroma... I would be happy if everyone could drink it! ! !

Thank you in advance ♪