With a little ingenuity! !

Today, when I served tea to a customer who is about to become a mother,

“There is a very good smell of tea in the Sakuras store, so

I wondered what it was, so I approached it. "and! !

"It's hojicha, and we're roasting it here and selling it."


"If you usually drink it, I recommend 'Kongari', and if you prefer more fragrance, I recommend 'Kahori'.

And also this story

“One of our staff introduced it on their blog, but like cafe au lait,

It's also delicious to drink with milk as hojicha au lait. "and! !

"Maybe your baby will be happy too."

When I said that, he laughed and said, "I'll try to make it at home."

Thank you for your purchase.

In addition, one customer had cold tea called "Hamakaze", which sold well in the summer.

He said that if you make jelly and put adzuki beans and whipped cream on top of it, you can make a very delicious dessert.

And another customer added a little matcha when making sweets (such as cookies).

He said that the flavor will come out and it will be delicious.

Drinking tea made in a teapot is delicious, but I was surprised and happy to learn that with a little ingenuity, you can eat tea in various ways.

There may be more different ways to drink and eat.

By all means, please visit Shunpo Tea Garden and tell us about such a story! !

I hope you have a good time while drinking tea.