The Winter Olympics are coming soon! !

It's been a long time, everyone.

I'm Sano, who goes back and forth between the Shunpo Chaen main store and the Sakuras store.

Suddenly, you all know where Vancouver is... right?

I just had this conversation with a staff member.

Me ′′ it didn't snow in the center exam this year. 』

Staff: "That's right. Come to think of it, it seems that the Olympics will be difficult because there is little snow this year. 』

I said, "Hey, is that so? 』

Staff: “It looks like everything is carrying snow. 』

I said, 'Is that so! Speaking of which, where was Vancouver? 』

Staff "? ? 』

I checked.

Or rather, you don't even have to look into it.

It was Canada.

And three weeks after the event...

It may sound good to say that I'm out of the world, but

I was a little surprised at how naive I was.

It was a day when I felt that I needed to have some room in my mind to slowly watch TV and newspapers.

Shunpo Tea Garden Sano