flower of winter

The autumn leaves are over, and in December, the surrounding scenery becomes less colorful, and it gets a little lonely.

In this season, sasanqua and camellias can be enjoyed during the winter.

Under the clear blue sky of winter, the dark pink sasanqua blooms beautifully.

In the dim darkness after the sun has set, a cluster of white sasanqua flowers gently emerges.

It feels so fantastic.

The camellia buds are finally plump, and it seems that the day when the buds will untie and bloom beautifully will soon come.

The tea tree is also a member of the Camellia family, the same species as sasanqua and camellias.

This season, you can expect the effect of drinking green tea to prevent colds and flu.

Year-end parties and New Year's are the times when the chances of drinking alcohol increase.

If you think, "Maybe I drank a little too much," drink plenty of green tea brewed with slightly hot water.

If you drink a cup of tea before going to bed, you will wake up feeling refreshed the next morning!

The cold of winter is also real! It seems that I will be more and more indebted to the plants of the Camellia family.


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