A day of "Try it out"!

Yesterday, there was a broadcast of "NHK Tameshite Gatten", and there were many customers who saw it!

The content of the broadcast is "deep steamed tea from Kakegawa, Shizuoka Prefecture" and the doctor does not enter! The secret to longevity! I introduced that it means to drink tea.

Our shop, Shunpo Tea Garden, mainly makes tea with farmers in Shizuoka, and among them, we also handle tea from Kakegawa.

Many customers who came to the store came in search of "Kakegawa deep steamed tea".

They actually drank and experienced deep-steamed tea, and were delighted to hear that it was delicious.

All of our teas are deep-steamed teas.

While expecting the effect of tea, please visit our store to drink delicious tea not only from Kakegawa!