Benifuuki is loved again this year!

It's getting colder and colder every day, but have you caught a cold or the flu? You can drink Japanese tea, and gargling with tea is said to prevent colds and flu. Let's have a good time in the cold winter.

Currently, more than 80% of Japanese tea is Yabukita, but there are other varieties such as Yutakamidori, Saemidori, and Benifuuki, which is said to be good for hay fever. A variety of varieties have been born and cultivated from the wish that "if we can make a distinctive Japanese tea like black tea...". Japanese tea also has different characteristics depending on the variety and how it is made, so please take this opportunity to try it.

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Benifuuki variety from Kakegawa, Shizuoka

Anti-allergic green tea that is currently a hot topic recommended for people with hay fever! Benifuki rich in methylated catechins! !

Saemidori variety from Ariake, Kagoshima

This tea is made using the gyokuro method. Feel free to take this opportunity to taste gyokuro. You can taste the thick sweetness!

Kagoshima radish Yutaka Midori variety

It is a high-quality tea with a fruity aroma that women like, and it is a really beautiful light blue tea.