It's finally March! !

It's been a month left this year.

And the fresh tea season is approaching! !

Well, there are only a few left of ′′ Yutaka Midori ′′ that was sold at a bargain price! !

We will be selling at a bargain price until this year's stock is sold out, so order early! !

“Yutaka Midori” is characterized by its refreshing sweetness and aroma, so please try it once! ! !

March is officially pollen season.

Shunpo Tea Garden's "Benifuuki" is still on sale! !

Today, I would like to introduce some of the voices received from customers who drank "Benifuuki".

“I go out for a walk every week, but in this season I wear a mask and sunglasses to protect myself completely.

Drinking Benifuuki makes it easier to walk, so it has become indispensable for walking. 』 Fifties couple

“Three years ago, I suddenly started sneezing and having a runny nose. Knowing hay fever,

Drinking Benifuuki will stop sneezing and runny nose. When I have symptoms of hay fever

I drink Benifuuki. 』 Male in his 60s

"When I went to work and said, 'Pollen is great today,' he suggested, 'Drink this.'

Shortly after drinking, my runny nose stopped and my nose cleared up! I'm happy that there is no problem with my work! ] Female in her thirties

"That's surprising! No more itchy eyes! I hate going out this season,

I was depressed at home. Thanks to Benifuuki, the pain of going out is gone. 』 Female in her fifties

In fact, the other day, I had a runny nose and sneezing that didn't stop in the morning.

After taking Benifuuki for a while, those symptoms stopped!

Benifuuki is now indispensable for my work! !

Ladies and gentlemen, please try it! ! Staff Sano