I will tell you a little more about familiar barley tea 1

Speaking of summer, it must be barley tea! When I was young, our store was hot in the summer.

I was serving barley tea to everyone.

This summer, Shunfang Tea Garden launched a new delicious barley tea made with great care.

So let's talk a little more about barley tea!

1. History of barley tea

In Japan, it is said that there has been a custom of roasting barley for a long time.

It is said that warlords of the Sengoku period also liked to drink it.

At the end of the Edo period, barley tea became a casual drink for the townspeople.

It seems that it was drunk at a shop called “Mugyuten”, which is like a coffee shop today, and it was very prosperous.

By the way, it seems that it started to be called barley tea around the 40s of the Showa era.

2. types of barley tea

Barley types include wheat, barley, rye, and oat.

Barley is commonly used for barley tea.

Barley is divided into two-rowed barley, four-rowed barley, six-rowed barley and bare barley based on the shape of the ears.

Two-rowed barley, also known as beer barley, is often used to make beer.

Rokujo barley is commonly used for barley tea.

(By the way, Shunpo Tea Garden's domestic organic barley tea uses organic 6-row barley from Kanazawa.)

3. wheat harvest time

Harvest time for new barley is July.

Also, in general, it seems that barley for barley tea is often roasted that was picked in the previous year.

Currently, imports account for about half of the barley for barley tea.

You can see the difference when you compare drinking barley tea!

I want to drink really delicious barley tea in hot summer! !

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