Haruyoshi trial set! Due to popular demand, the period has been extended! !

We only sell online

It's a Haruyoshi trial set, but it's very pleasing! !

We have received many orders for Benifuuki and Tochu tea.

There are so many people who order with the order.

Also, we received a voice of joy that it was a delicious tea,

All the staff are very happy! !

Make up your mind there...

A trial set until April 15th, "1 yen"

The period has been extended due to its popularity! Let me do it! ! [Limit one per person]

Don't miss this opportunity! !

Shunpo Tea Garden Takanori Goto

* Free shipping for purchases of 3,675 yen or more, including other products!

*If the order is less than 3,675 yen, a shipping fee of 525 yen will be charged.

* If you order only the trial set, it will be shipped by mail .

(525 yen will be charged as a packing and shipping fee. Please understand.)

Please try this first! !