Totsuka Asahicho shopping district announcement!

There are several shopping streets in Totsuka where our store is located.

Our head office is located in Totsuka-Asahicho shopping street, one of them.

Among them, we always announce shop announcements and town information.

I think about the contents every month, but until now I've been thinking about recommended products, free shipping services, etc.

I've been announcing that I'm going to be happy with customers directly,

Next January and February, I decided to try to convey the wonders of tea.

The following will be the manuscript.

When you come to Totsuka-Asahimachi shopping street, please listen carefully! !

Takanori Goto

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"This is Shunpo Chaen, a Japanese tea specialty store with the aroma of tea.

This year as well, we will deliver tea that will please you at the production area price, valuing fresh taste, health and peace of mind.

Tea is a healthy drink that can prevent colds and flu.

Gargle every day with used tea leaves after drinking, which is a great way to prevent colds.

Also, it is said that there will be a lot of pollen this year, but it is said that it will relieve hay fever at that time.

We recommend the much-talked-about Benifuuki tea.

Tea is the most familiar and wonderful health drink for us.

Choose your tea at Shunpo Tea Garden, which values ​​freshness and peace of mind.

We are waiting for you at our 2 stores in Totsuka, the Sakuras store and the Totsuka Kuyakusho-dori main store.

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Please listen to it! !