Toshinobu Kubota raves about green tea!

On my last day off, when I was out shopping by car, When I was listening to the radio, Mr. Toshinobu Kubota was appearing. When I was young, I used to sing karaoke a lot. The songs I sang (to whom?) were recorded, and I was able to feel both nostalgia and freshness. On the radio, one of the top artists said, "Gargling with green tea is the best for your throat!" Recommended by Toshinobu Kubota! ! Toshinobu Kubota is originally from Shizuoka, but now lives in New York. Mr. Toshinobu Kubota said that green tea is the best way to calm down. There is also a story that original teacups are also made, I was very happy to feel that I really like it. People like Toshinobu Kubota recommended green tea more and more, The wonderfulness of green tea to "Ken Hirai" and "EXILE" who are collaborating at the FNS music festival today "After all, it's green tea!" "It's a Japanese identity tea!" I fantasized that it would be nice if the culture became something like, "If you don't drink green tea, you're not cool." Without a doubt, green tea is a wonderful product, so I think it's a matter of how to convey its splendor. Mr. Toshinobu Kubota, please continue to recommend green tea! ! (smile) Takanori Goto