Words related to "tea" part XNUMX

Last time, I introduced many words using "tea", but there were still many more.

・Farse: silly behavior with a clear bottom

・ Farce drama: A play that plays commonplace things with funny gestures.

・Absurd, absurd things... utterly incoherent, nonsense

・Chano-ma: A room where the family relaxes and eats

・Make fun of someone…Don’t take them seriously, make fun of them as if they were a joke, deceive them

・Sancha flower: An evergreen small tree of the Camellia family In early winter, red and white flowers resembling camellias bloom.

・Chaju: Celebration of XNUMX years of longevity. If the crown of the character “tea” is XNUMX, XNUMX, and the lower part is XNUMX, the sum will be XNUMX.

There are also place names for tea.

Shibecha Town (near Kushiro, Hokkaido)

Mt. Chausu: Near Hosu, Tochigi Prefecture

Chausuyama: the border between Aichi and Nagano

There are more than XNUMX Mount Chausu and Tsukuyama in Japan.


PS: This year it's about a week later than usual,

When I checked the situation in Kagoshima today, the leaves are finally starting to grow, and I'll be able to see them by the end of this week.

It seems that we can prepare "Yutakamidori" and "Saemidori" from Kagoshima with good content.

Please look forward to it